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Licor Beirão

Licor Beirão is the most popular Portuguese liqueur and often called ‘Licor de Portugal’. It is a sweet and aromatic alcoholic beverage made from a blend of herbs, seeds, and spices. The exact recipe is a well-kept secret known only to a few individuals. However, it is said to include ingredients such as cinnamon, anise, orange, eucalyptus, and other botanicals.

What began at the end of the 19th century and originally believed to be made by a Port wine salesman and his pharmacist wife was sold as ‘natural liqueurs’ from a secret formula. However, in 1940, José Carranca Redondo bought the company and the secret, which was on sale due to the difficulties brought about by World War II.

Today, Licor Beirão is produced in Quinta do Meiral in Lousã (district of Coimbra, Portugal) with most of their secret herbs grown across their 12-hectare estate.


Exported to around 40 countries across the globe.


Year when José Carranca Redondo bought the factory and started manufacturing commercially.


Most of the herbs and secret ingredients grown in their 12-hectare estate.

Cocktail Of The Month



Licor Beirão
Crushed Ice


Muddle some lime in a glass and then add some crushed ice and Licor Beirão. Enjoy!


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